How to Let Go of Holiday Food Guilt

It’s that time of year again! The season of overindulgence is upon us; we’re offered Christmas cookies at every turn, invited to parties with limitless amounts of dessert, and seem to have endless occasions to eat cookie after cake after pie.

It’s Your HEYDAY

For Fort Collins Lifestyle editorial coordinator Jahna Eichel and HEYDAY founder Jennifer Little, size inclusivity is more than a hot button marketing catchphrase. It's is more than just a few thoughtful sentiments; it's about talking the talk and walking the walk.

Masters of Hair

Welcome to Voltage Hair Salon, a new kind of hair experience in the center of Fort Collins. Voltage is a place where artistry, skill and energy fuse to bring you an upscale and sophisticated salon home. Founders Mark Cottle and Ray Hornback envisioned a new kind of hair experience for Northern Colorado, and that dream swiftly became a reality now with both Voltage off…

Yoga Pod Fort Collins Celebrates One Year!

Yoga Pod owner Maj-Lis and Joey Delgado, their instructors, staff and customers celebrated their first year in business.

Mary Francis

Mary Francis has been involved in the nonprofit sector in one form or another for most of her adult life. Mary has been an integral part of the Fort Collins community since her days as a student of Colorado State University.