The Wellness Issue

Bring on the New Year January marks the beginning of not only a new calendar year but also the opportunity for setting personal goals. Perhaps you’ve resolved to exercise more regularly, take up a new hobby or volunteer for your favorite non-profit organization. Whatever your goals may be, we hope the people, places, recipes and … Continued

Revel in the Winter Bliss

Welcome to our Winter + Revels issue! This is my favorite time of year as we head into the holiday season, preparing for the cold weather activities we love so much. In our family, we like to say that really there are only two seasons—camping and skiing! I just finished preparing our kids’ skis for the season … Continued

Thankful for Fort Collins

This time of the year is when we reflect and think of all the things we are grateful for. For me, it’s my spunky wife and our four healthy kids that keep me thankful all year round. As I write this, I’m watching our first snowfall of the year while listening to my kids sing Christmas … Continued

Cheers, Foodies!

Good food and drink is something that many people are passionate about. It speaks to our senses unlike anything else. My family and I will often travel great distances to frequent certain restaurants. It’s easy to see why some people in this industry are obsessive about the subject. We love anyone who’s got a passion, and this month … Continued

The Fashion Issue

Fall is by far my most favorite season, from pumpkin-spice-everything to cozy evenings cuddled up with our loved ones. With cooler weather and school back in session, it feels as though fall brings a delightful wash of tranquility to Northern Colorado. Fall is also the most fun season for fashion. With the heat of summer behind us, we … Continued

The Kids and Pets Issue

What a summer this has been! Just a few highlights from our family’s summer so far have been a trip to the Great Sand Dunes National Park and the Fourth of July fireworks and rodeo in Steamboat Springs. In this issue, we celebrate life with children and pets. We learn to make fresh and healthy homemade … Continued

The Summer Style Issue

It’s summer! While it’s hard to beat the skiing in Colorado, summer here is incredible in its own right. Our family is gearing up for another great season of hiking, biking, camping, boating and music. Whatever your activities entail this summer, do it in style. In this issue, we feature our wonderful partners—Voltage Salon, Beauty Bar of … Continued

The Men’s Issue

I’ve been very fortunate to have had solid friendships in my life. As boys, we bonded over sports, motorcycles, boats and being wild. As grown men, we share the joys and unique experiences that come with being married and raising children. A group of my core lifelong buddies and I try to plan semiannual guy … Continued

Women Supporting Women

Recently I was reminded just how many women own, operate and manage businesses I patron regularly. Whether it was receiving wellness care at Impact Medical, shopping for a new outfit or gift at Storm Fine Apearal, going in for a massage at Amara, taking a body flow yoga class at Yogapod, a Lesage class at … Continued

Every Day Is Earth Day

Each year in April, we celebrate Earth Day to show our appreciation for nature and Mother Earth. Here at Lifestyle, we propose celebrating nature’s bounty each and every day. We are blessed to live in a place with such tremendous access to stunning Colorado scenery. My family recently celebrated my wife’s birthday by exploring snowy Rocky Mountain … Continued