Exploring Special Edition Whiskey

With over 20 years of business under their belts, the team at Wilbur’s Total Beverage knows how to curate a catalog of some of the best whiskey in the world. At over 200 bourbon’s you will find something you love. Tasting whiskey (or whisky) can be incredibly fun. First, there’s the excitement of getting to open a nice bottle, the look and texture of it and that beautiful pour. 

Then there’s the fact that you’re learning something new and expanding your knowledge of a great spirit while deepening your own palate. It’s the perfect combination of personal growth and revelry. Here at Lifestyle we want you to be the Jack or Jill of all trades, experience a little bit of a lot of things, which is why we’ve put together a concise beginner’s guide to enjoying Whisky that will help you feel confident in your selections whether its for a night on the town or day at tasting event. The first information you send to your brain is what you see when you’re tasting whiskey. 

You’re looking for three factors here: color, clarity, and viscosity. You’ll want to tip your glass on a 90-degree angle and twist it so that the bowl of the glass is covered in whiskey. This is the first oxygenation of the drink. While you’re doing that, take in the whiskey. Once you’re done looking at it and taking your notes, let the whiskey sit in the glass for a minute or two. You want all those aromas to bloom in the glass after the whirl you gave it. Our sense of smell is all about the chemicals coming into our heads. We are sensing compounds and our brain is computing that information from memories or cues being given to us.

The last one we’ll go over, taste. Retronasal olfaction means molecules wash over chemical receptors on your tongue creating tastes. You want to gently move the whiskey around your mouth to evenly coat it for a full taste. What you’re looking for are specifics in a broad spectrum of major chemical reactions known as tastes — sweet, savory, sour, bitter, umami, metallic, mineral, fat, spice, wood, ash. 

The team at Wilburs not only creates a comfortable environment with their excellent customer service but they are also knowledgeable and know how to help you select the perfect bottle. After learning about their special, custom reserves available only Wilburs with the biggest names in the industry, specifically their collaboration with Maker’s Mark- We’re convinced that, if you’re looking to get into Whisky more seriously, or have been a whisky expert for years- that you’ll find something so incredibly satisfying that you’ll enjoy every sip.