The Styles You Want + How to Get Them

The Fade + Hard Part

HAIR TYPE Straight + Short

WHAT IT IS There are many different types of fades, but ultimately a fade haircut is one that tapers in length the further down you go on the back and sides, meaning it isn’t trimmed to just one standard length all around. The level of fade (low, mid or high) depends on what point the shortest part of the hair begins to fade into a longer length. 

ASK FOR Taper fade, low fade, mid fade, high fade or skin fade


The Man Bun

HAIR TYPE Straight, In Between or Thick and Curly + Long

WHAT IT IS This popular style is good for many types of hair as long as you have a lot of it. You’ll need length in the front, back and sides generally long enough to at least brush your shoulders.  

KEEP IT CLEAN Be sure to keep your sideburns and neckline trimmed even as your hair grows out.


The Quiff

HAIR TYPE Straight or In Between + Medium

WHAT IT IS Closely related to the pompadour, the quiff haircut requires longer hair in the front and shorter hair in the back. The longer hair in the front is brushed upward and back from the forehead and away from the face. This look can be sleek and shiny for a classic look or texturized and matte for a modern take.

ASK FOR Short sides and a long textured top. Be sure enough hair is left on top to bend back instead of standing straight up.


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