How to Embrace Your Calling

As women, we are often bombarded by this mysterious concept called “work-life balance.” This phrase is mentioned frequently, and I’m guilty of using the term myself, but what is work-life balance exactly? It’s the concept that with proper prioritization between your “work” and your “lifestyle” (health, pleasure, leisure, family and spirituality) that one can maintain the zen harmony of fulfilling both of these cups equally. What happens when work is your lifestyle? For many of us, we have to find a way to live our lives as if they are a cohesive energy, an internal collaboration of love, drive, success, encouragement and support for all of the above. So many times we see our child as an excuse to postpone our business goals when they should be the driving force behind our ambition.

Take a look at the synonyms for the word “work.” Every one of them has a negative connotation. And then take a look at the word “life”—all positive. This is the reason why the work-life balance concept was created: to deal with the “drudgery” of one and the “zest” of another. I’m here to tell you they can both be zesty.

Here are a few ways to give yourself grace and keep the pressure of finding balance at bay.

No guilt – You are a great person, and your intentions are to be the best wife, mother, friend, brother, sister, father, business owner, marketing exec, nonprofit director, etc.

Write it down – Business goals, family goals, timelines, cleaning schedules; if youdo it, write it.

Go with the flow  You are writing a book, and your editor needs a draft by Tuesday, but you’re only halfway there—and Monday is your cleaning day, and the kids have soccer practice. Breathe.Sorry, domestic goddess; you’ve been pushed to Tuesday. I’ve got business to do.

Keep it real  Being a business owner means getting down to business. Sometimes this means missing that girls night out or neighborhood picnic. Explain why you can’t commit and thank them for understanding.