Recently I was reminded just how many women own, operate and manage businesses I patron regularly. Whether it was receiving wellness care at Impact Medical, shopping for a new outfit or gift at Storm Fine Apearal, going in for a massage at Amara, taking a body flow yoga class at Yogapod, a Lesage class at Fit5, ordering four dozen mini delectable gluten-free cupcakes from June Poppies for an event or sipping a delicious latte at Ginger & Baker, it’s no surprise that women are at the forefront of Fort Collins business, and we have a chance to champion that growth. Whether you’re a CEO, engineer, scientist, chef, teacher, a stay-at-home mom or anything in between, you have the power to support and create spaces for other women. Supporting other women means you’re being intentional about how you show up in your life and your business, where you spend your dollars and the attention you give. Here at Lifestyle, we have a few ideas. 

Doing your part to support our community of women means taking time to champion women’s projects, nonprofit organizations, products, services or accomplishments by patroning their businesses and organizations and others that support the women in our community. Go beyond dolling out fluffy advice like “just do it, never give up, or believe in yourself.” Share your sacrifices that helped you become successful. What are the names of the tools and resources that helped you succeed? When women keep it real about how they have worked through their challenges, it can often uplift and equip other women with the resources they need. 

Here at Fort Collins Lifestyle, we hope that by reading the inspiring biographies of just a small snippet of the incredible women in our community, you find your own special way to join in and celebrate women.