The Botanique Is Fort Collins’ New Hidden Gem

When we think about eco-conscious living, we often do so without correlating luxury into that description. But as we progress as a society that not only cares for our environment but also strives to be as intentional as possible, we are able to experience the best of both worlds. The Botanique Fort Collins is just that. This intentionally curated community and wellness boutique is based on what is known as the EcoRenaissance movement which thrives on combining fun, sexy and fashionable elements to a global awakening that doesn’t ask you to sacrifice it all just to care for Mother Earth.

 At the Botanique, the goal is integration of the arts, stewardship of our land and connecting sacred space with intimate wonder. They hope to be the locale our community goes to not only for healing and eco-conscious living but also to experience events that are meant to connect us back to ourselves and our responsibility to live our best lives with a community filled with collaboration.

The Botanique’s mission is to do all of this by continually enhancing its experiences and offerings while minimizing its own carbon footprint. Through its collaboration with the youth-driven nonprofit SproutIn Up (, children utilize the grounds of the Botanique to grow, learn and develop conscious farming skills. The children grow vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers and raise chickens and bees to provide healthy local choices for individuals and families that participate in SproutIn Up’s CSA share. These same young farmers create a business plan, develop life skills and work ethic that empowers them to give back to their local community by providing free farmers markets in food-insecure neighborhoods in addition to their CSA members. 

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