Refining Your Style through Interior Design

When it comes to design, curation is everything. We asked Lori James and Danielle Lindsey of Interior Design Concepts how they draw from their inspiration.

“Most of the time a client comes to us with an idea or style of the space they would like to achieve, and we guide them through the process of making the selections and pulling it all together down to actually having all the right people in place to remodel the space as well,” Lori says.

In this particular home, the homeowner had windows in odd places. With the help of IDC’s team of contractors, they were able to remove the windows and create a floor-to-ceiling kitchen cabinet remodel.

“Stacked cabinets give the space more of a modern feel, and the natural stone was carried through from the fireplace in the family room to under the kitchen island to help unify the openness of the space,” Lori says.