New Year New You Book Recommendations

Our Editor’s Best Picks for Personal and Professional Growth

1. Crushing It: How Great Entrepreneurs Build Their Business and Influence—and How You Can, Too by Gary Vayerchuk 

Fangirl status aside, the second release in the “Crush It” series was an easily digestible read with grit, professionalism and real-life David and Goliath success stories. 

2. High Performance Habits: How Extraordinary People Become that Way by Brendon Berchard

Based on one of the largest surveys ever conducted on high performers, the book reveals that just six habits move the needle the most in helping you succeed. Who knew? I love the self-assessment test and the clear and concise messaging on how to hone in and move that needle in an authentic way.

3. The Messy Middle: Finding Your Way through the Hardest and Most Crucial Part of Any Bold Adventure by Scott Belsky

Finding a book that puts into words the exact place your business is in is a tall order. There are no press releases for businesses in “operational mode,” and creating your own “little wins” as the author suggests is one of the greatest pieces of business advice I’ve heard in a long while.

4. Zen Ties by Jon J. Muth

This one is for the kids in your life. My favorite of the series, Zen Ties, is a disarming story of compassion and friendship that reaffirms the importance of our ties to one another. Filled with life lessons, the Zen series of books are great stories with an important message. 

5. LifePlanner by Erin Condren

Not a book but the best yearly planner around. I highly recommend the vertical layout for optimal success. I use my life planner to run all of my endeavors, plan for my family, keep track of appoints—and my editing scheduling for Fort Collins Lifestyle, of course.