In this month’s issue, we focus on joy in many forms—the excitement of gift giving, the memories created over the holidays and the warmth of a community filled with love and friendships old and new.

When my family and I visited Fort Collins six years ago this month, it was simply that joyous feeling of warmth and community that made us decide to move our family of four from New York City to beautiful, sunny Colorado. In November 2014, we opened our locally focused small business, Higher Ground Rehearsal Studios, to serve the community we love so much. Every year as our roots grow deeper, we feel more and more privileged to be a part of the fabric of Fort Collins.

As editor, my promise is to focus on the heart and soul of Fort Collins and the people who make a difference here. I hope that through the holiday season and into the new year, the stories you read inspire you, that you see a few familiar faces, master a new skill, learn about community organizations that need our support and read articles that are worthy of sharing with friends and family.

There’s a unique perspective that working in editorial brings. We are always looking to what’s next. Whether it’s planning our next issue or developing story ideas for the next year, we’ve often already surpassed the present and are living well into the future before the current month has even begun.

The fast-paced lifestyle this industry calls for can often make it difficult to really settle down and absorb what’s going on around us, and before we know it, the year is over and it’s time to move forward yet again. So this December, publisher Nick Wood and I will be slowing down to enjoy the season with our families, and we hope that you take the time to slow down a little bit as well.

Enjoy your time with family and friends, bask in the magic of the winter season, reflect on past memories you hold closely in your hearts and keep the new ones you create in the present for as long as you can. Thank you to our partners, who took a chance on a new publication. We are so looking forward to a full year of featuring you, the most distinguished and coveted brands of Northern Colorado.