The Ginger & Baker Experience 11

Food, Comfort and Community

A 1900s-era building at 359 Linden St. houses an experience all its own for Old Town Fort Collins.

The original vision, a small pie shop to bring families and communities together over delicious desserts, turned into so much more when Ginger Graham fell in love with the old feed supply building. Two years before breaking ground, Ginger and Culinary Director Deb Traylor started a blog by posting Ginger’s old family recipes with curated photos and baking tips only a seasoned chef could share. Ginger and Deb discovered an instant connection around food and the kitchens of their past where family, friendship, loving, giving and sharing were everything and wanted to share that with the Fort Collins community.

The blend of old and new inside Ginger & Baker’s cafe, boutique, two restaurants, teaching kitchen, bar, patio, event spaces and private wine cellars are an incredible tribute to what Fort Collins was 100 years ago, what it is today and what it could be. 

The staff inside Ginger & Baker is warm and happy, with smiles that light up while giving a tour of all Ginger & Baker has to offer. They revel in talking about the details and design, the community collaborators, the art and especially the food. Their featured seasonal recipes are the true meaning of locally grown, with pumpkins, apples, plums and more straight from Ginger’s farm. Their extensive wine collection includes rare offerings from all over the globe.

Deb uses the teaching kitchen to share recipes from both her culinary experiences and Ginger’s old family recipes, giving their students the skills and confidence to create incredible dishes for their own families.

The original feed supply building is now on the National Register of Historic Places and the State Register of Historic Properties—thanks to the careful restoration of its historic architectural details, as well as the character and charm that made it a symbol of community and honest, locally produced food. Every piece of art and curated countertop, table and coat hanger was created by local designers and artists, truly bringing the Fort Collins experience inside its walls and supporting our growing community of makers simultaneously.

While Ginger’s original vision for her small pie shop turned into much more, the project has come into its own since its inception and continues to be a destination for the Fort Collins community for generations to come.

From coffee and scones and casual lunches to fine dining and events, Ginger & Baker is truly a collective destination for Fort Collins.