The Fox and the Crow Creates a Decadent Cheese Board

Local cheese mongers Tina and Alan Mooney, owners of the Fox and the Crow, are celebrating four years in business this month. With an expansion already under their belt, this husband and wife duo has an abundance of knowledge to share with the foodie community of Fort Collins. The Fox and the Crow is a full-service bistro and cheese shop specializing in impeccably curated platters for all occasions. The bistro also offers classes and tastings in a relaxed environment.

The Fox and the Crow has the most concentrated number of certified cheese professionals in the state of Colorado, making it the perfect stop for your holiday planning. The Mooneys and their staff are ready and available to answer any questions you may have and can’t wait to pair you with the perfect cheese or create a platter for you with just 24 hours’ notice.

Creating the Perfect Cheese Platter

1. Know your crowd. If your guests are adventurous,world-traveling tastemakers, Tina recommends a platter with bold cheeses. If you’re looking to play it safe, go with crowd-pleasing options instead. 

2. Selecting balanced cheeses. Create a balanced platter both in taste and shape as well as cheeses with different serving styles. Tina recommends using soft, hard and semi-soft cheeses cubed, sliced and crumbled. 

3. Texture. Cheeses are capable of many different serving styles. Focusing on texture allows for a wide range of experiences for your guests. Crumbling a soft or semi-soft cheese, slicing a cheese round horizontally or stacking triangles vertically around your fruit selection provides a different feel for each option. Tina also recommends a ratio of 60 percent cheese to 40 percent accompaniments. 

4. Pairings. Often, a client will order a premade platter from the Fox and the Crow with a list of wines and other foods they are serving alongside the cheese plate. Tina works hard to make sure each item on her platters fits with the client’s specifications. When building your own platter, Tina recommends coming into the shop and having the certified cheese professionals assist you with your selection. Knowing your wine list ahead of time will help them select the best fit.

5. Pops of color. With cheeses being a mixture of lighter, more muted colors of whites, tans and yellows, Tina recommends all the other items on your platter be full of color. Tina recommends seasonal fruits both fresh and dried as well as meats, chutneys, jams and mustards. Don’t forget to garnish with aromatic herbs like rosemary and thyme and fresh-cut flowers. 

The Recipe


2 ounces per person (only item served); 1 ounce per person (multiple items served)

  • Excellence Triple Cream French cow’s milk cheese, sliced horizontal rounds
  • Schnebelhorn Swiss Alpine raw cow’s milk cheese, sliced in triangles
  • Ubriaco al Prosecco “Drunken” Tomme (aged) Italian cow’s milk cheese, crumbled


 Two half-pound options serves 5-10 people

  • Soppressata, folded into a rosette or in thirds for easy pickup
  • Prosciutto di Parma, folded into rosettes


In season, fresh and dried

  • Grapes, raspberries, apricots and figs


Mustards, chutneys, nuts and pickled vegetables

  • Seeded mustard
  • Peach-mango chutney
  • Sliced baguettes and crackers (The Fox and the Crow makes bread and crackers in-house daily!)

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