Designer Leslie Favela Imagines Beautiful, Livable and Functional Spaces

When Leslie Favela plans her next design, not only does she envision a beautifully decorated space, but she also looks for functionality and emotion. A crafted environment creates a mood or a feeling and shows off the personality of the family that lives there. It’s attention to these these details that ensure decorating success.

Decorating is more than just eye appeal, it’s making a room or whole home design really work for the people who live, work and play inside it. Leslie tries to incorporate natural elements in the home as those elements create a “lived-in” aesthetic. She also incorporates neutral and natural basics in all her clients’ homes.

For Leslie, books are a must.

“They add color, inspire conversation and bring interest to a space,” she says.

She recommends at least one on every coffee table.

In the kitchen, the use of light comes into play when designing a motif that includes glass cabinetry. Leslie advises her clients to use glass when working with a home without vast amounts of natural light as it allows darker spaces to appear brighter while also adding visual character.

As the holidays approach, we always look for ways to refine our homes to enhance our guests’ experiences around the dinner table. For an easy update, Leslie recommends using simple white plates with clear glasses. Leslie says these simple additions are both elegant and casual when paired together and can be used for any occasion—a perfect aesthetic for Northern Colorado.

Leslie embraces simple comforts with her designs by adding minimalist pieces that can stand the test of time and includes greenery and low-maintenance plants whenever possible. While combining both masculine and feminine design motif to her clients’ spaces, she also includes the use of texture.

“Texture doesn’t always have to be obvious for it to make a difference in your home. Simple black edging gives the room just enough impact to allow character,” she says.

When it comes to your home, pieces that reflect your life, your personality and your family should be included in any design plan. Pictures, vases, pillows and area rugs can all be integral parts of any great design.